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Our Google-certified experts at Web Spider Solutions eagerly look forward to driving additional leads and business in your direction. We possess the proficiency and adeptness in the realm of Search Advertising, also known as SEM, to align with and fulfill your business aspirations.

Assisting You in Realizing Your Goals

Search advertising, including terms such as Paid Search, SEM, and PPC, stands as one of the paramount ad channels. These campaigns, rich with diversity, effectively guide leads and revenue for enterprises.

Web Spider Solutions boasts the proficiency and acumen required to navigate your budget effectively, fostering substantial growth.

BAK- Identify the three pivotal components of Search Advertising

BAK encapsulates three pivotal elements of search advertising, which unfold as follows:


To unlock the full potential of search advertising, adept agencies, such as Web Spider Solutions, underscore the critical importance of strategic bidding, compelling ad creation, and meticulous keyword selection. This strategic approach becomes particularly crucial when pursuing growth within a budgetary framework, emphasizing the need for a nuanced and effective advertising strategy.

Website Traffic
via Enterprise SEO by


Organic Traffic
via Vernacular SEO by


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What do we deliver through our Search Advertising service?

Optimized Search Campaign Management

For enhanced campaign performance, our focus encompasses:


Drive Effective Online Lead Generation for Your Business


Networks: Any 1 Network
  • No. of Keywords: 100


Networks: Any 2 Network
  • No. of Keywords: 200


Networks: Any 3 Network
  • No. of Keywords: 350

Our Expertise & Proficiency in Search Advertising

We specialize in managing modest budgets for startups and substantial spending accounts for large enterprises.

> Audience Targeting based on:

  • Geographic location
  • Socio-economic status
  • Behavioral patterns

Keyword Mapping:

  • To business offerings
  • To search patterns of users

Dynamic Search Ads:

  • For enhanced clicks and conversions

Strategic Remarketing
> Conversion Rate Optimization
Call Tracking for enhanced retention and acquisition
URL Tagging
Integration of CRM with website automation tools

Our Approach Towards Search Advertising
Campaign strategy, creation, and ongoing management

We collaborate closely with you to formulate a comprehensive search advertising strategy. Our approach is reverse-engineered from your objectives, considering budgets, target audience, and available resources. We foster long-term partnerships, focusing on creating a structure that is both sustainable and scalable.

Keyword research

Our adept SEO experts scrutinize your existing customers and target audience to fathom their search patterns. A thorough examination of the competitive landscape is conducted. Employing proprietary tools, we devise a keyword strategy poised for success.

Ad creation and ongoing testing

We incorporate best practices for ad creation, tailored to enhance conversion and engagement. Drawing from a decade of experience, we comprehend user behavior to develop ads that are both attractive and relevant. Importantly, we experiment through A/B testing to run effective ads across platforms and devices, ensuring no missed opportunities.

Bid optimization and management

Working within the budgets allocated, we optimize bidding strategies to maximize clicks and leads. Constant monitoring and optimization are undertaken to enhance efficiency and lower your cost-per-acquisition.

Landing page design and optimization

Landing pages are aligned with your ads, aiming for relevance, informativeness, and a compelling call-to-action. Our adept website design team assists in creating potent landing pages to drive conversions and sales.

Frequent analysis and reporting

URL tracking with Google Tag Manager and UTM tags are implemented for accurate conversion tracking. These elements are pivotal in identifying gaps and opportunities, forming the foundation for successful optimization. Our search campaigns are followed by comprehensive reporting, detailed analytics, and our personal assessment of the next steps.

Collaborate with Us – A Certified Google Premier Partner in India

We are Web Spider Solutions, a certified Google Premier Partner, ranking among the top 1% of digital agencies in India. According to Google’s criteria, “Google Partners can specialize in one or more of the following areas – Search Advertising, Mobile AdvertisingVideo Advertising,  Display Advertising, and Shopping Advertising.

Our extensive expertise and skills in search advertising are backed by a decade-long proven track record, and we enjoy direct access to Google account managers.

At Web Spider Solutions, we are fully equipped to address the diverse digital needs of our clients. Leveraging Digital Excellence is our forte, allowing us to consistently add significant value to our clients. Our approach is ROI-focused, and we aspire to build enduring and trusted partnerships for the long term.

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