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Lead Based Marketing Services

With a wealth of experience in executing numerous lead generation campaigns, we excel in providing an abundance of high-quality leads at predefined and mutually agreed Cost Per Lead (CPL) rates. Our approach involves crafting a user-friendly landing page, channeling targeted traffic from diverse sources, and ensuring the delivery of top-notch leads.

Unlock Sales Potential with Web Spider Solutions!

Are you eager to generate a surge in leads for your online business? At Web Spider Solutions, we provide lead-based marketing services, employing a strategic blend of SEO services and PPC services. A lead encompasses anyone who visits your landing page and completes the inquiry form, indicating an interest in learning more about your product or service. The acquired leads are reachable as they share their contact details. Lead-based marketing represents a targeted approach to lead acquisition and stands out as a highly impactful form of Digital Marketing Services.

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Decoding the Mechanics of Lead-Based Marketing!

Ever wondered about the inner workings of online lead generation? Allow us to guide you through the process:

Phase 1: Evaluating the cost and caliber of leads

Consider this the ‘pilot’ phase. We craft a search-friendly landing page where potential customers or leads can sign up for additional information. The page undergoes optimization and is promoted on a modest scale. This initial step provides a clear understanding of lead generation and acquisition costs. Moreover, it allows us to assess the quality of leads, enabling adjustments to the lead-based marketing campaign as necessary.


Drive Effective Online Lead Generation for Your Business




Networks: Any 1 Network

No. of Keywords: 100

Networks: Any 2 Network

No. of Keywords: 200

Networks: Any 3 Network

No. of Keywords: 350

Phase 2: Pinnacle Roll-Out

Following the triumphant completion of the pilot phase, we initiate a comprehensive Lead-Based Marketing campaign for lead acquisition. This comprehensive strategy encompasses:

Our lead generation services, tailored to the geography and demographics you specify, provide you with the desired leads in India. Elevate your chances of converting these leads into sales, surpassing your competitors. Don’t Allow Your Customers to Discover Your Competitors – Act Now!